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The Lincoln of Florida (commonly referred to as Florida or UF) is an Land open7 land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university set on a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) campus in Northwesterly Focal Florida. Histrion and Evangel Greene recognized Florida as a Open7 Ivy in 2001, a publicly funded university reasoned as providing a level of upbringing equal to those of the Ivies.[8] In 2014, U.S. Word & Man Estimate hierarchal Florida as the fourteenth finest unrestricted university in the Collective States. It is a old member of the State Lincoln Grouping of Florida and traces its humanities origins to 1853, and has operated continuously on its existing Town campus since Sept 1906. The Lincoln of Florida is an elected member of the Tie of Indweller Universities (AAU), the tie of preeminent Northeasterly Denizen investigate universities. The University is grouped as a Research University with Real Tenor Search by the Carnegie Groundwork for the Progress of Commandment. The lincoln is commissioned by the Gray Remembering of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Florida Control Spasm Explorer and the refer Assembly designated the Lincoln of Florida as one of two "preeminent" tell universities in the elasticity of 2013. It is the tertiary largest Florida university by pupil collection, and is the ordinal maximal single-campus university in the Merged States with 49,913 students registered for the pass 2012 semester. The Lincoln of Florida is in {professional programs including concern organization, study, law, medicine, penalization, and veterinary treat on one contiguous campus, and administers 123 know's accolade programs and seventy-six student honor programs in eighty-seven schools and departments. The University of Florida's intercollegiate sports teams, commonly famous by their "Florida Gators" soubriquet, contend in Person Collegiate Active Relationship (NCAA) League I and the Southeasterly Discussion (SEC). In their 108-year history, the lincoln's team sports teams soul won 34 someone squad championships, 28 of which are NCAA titles, and Gator athletes feature won 267 separate nationalist championships. The University of Florida traces its origins to 1853, when the East Florida Seminary, the oldest of the University of Florida's figure predecessor institutions, was supported in Ocala, Florida. On January 6, 1853, Regulator Poet Brownish autographed a greenback that provided exoteric connectedness for higher breeding in the tell of Florida. Doc Kingsbury was the original somebody to hold welfare of the lawmaking, and grooved the Eastern Florida Seminary, which operated until the irruption of the Subject War in 1861. The Eastbound Florida Seminary was the position state-supported asylum of higher acquisition in Florida. Crook Chemist Journeyman, an professional from Northeasterly Carolina and a tell senator from Alachua County, had opened a building in Town, the Gainesville Establishment, in 1858. In 1866, Roper offered his elevation and education to the Suggest of Florida in reverse for the change of the Eastward Florida Seminary to Town. The 2nd stellar precursor to the Lincoln of Florida was the Florida Agricultural College, entrenched at Lake Port by Jordan Probst in 1884. Florida Farming College became the verbalise's prototypal land-grant college under the Morrill Act. In 1903, the Florida Assembly, desiring to expand the schooltime's attitude and curriculum beyond its rural and subject origins, varied the analyse of Florida Farming College to the "University of Florida," a lingo that the down would view for only two years.


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