Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH city has come back to symbolize excellent education, ground-breaking basic research and applied results that square measure beneficial for society as an entire. Founded in 1855, it nowadays offers researchers associate in Nursing inspiring environment and students a comprehensive education mutually of the leading international universities for technology and also the natural sciences. ETH city has over 16,000 students from about eighty countries, 3,500 of whom square measure doctoral candidates. More than four hundred professors teach and conduct research within the areas of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences, system-oriented sciences, and management and social sciences. ETH city regularly appears at the top of international rankings mutually of the best universities within the world. Twenty one Alfred Bernhard Nobel Laureates have studied, educated or conducted research at ETH city, underlining the excellent name of the institute.
Transferring its knowledge to the non-public sector and society at large is one amongst ETH Zurichs primary concerns. it's succeeded during this, as borne out by the eighty new patent applications each year and also the 215 by-product companies that were created out of the institute between 1996 and 2010. ETH city orients its research strategy around world challenges like global climate change, world food supply and human health issues.


Graduates of ETH city square measure much wanted on the job market due to their broad fundamental knowledge and their practical approach. ETH city trains outstanding experts in their fields, and prepares its students to assume positions of responsibility as critical members of society. Clearly focused study programmes that meet the highest standards in terms of each what's educated and the way it's educated, and also the independence they allow to students, make the university an extremely attractive place to check. Rising student numbers provide compelling evidence of this.

Academic excellence

Since it’s founding in 1855 ETH city has stood for world-class academic excellence, for research that benefits of industry and society, and for the education of highly qualified subject specialists. The actual fact that twenty one Alfred Bernhard Nobel laureates have studied educated or carried out research at ETH city ibears out its outstanding name.

Excellent conditions for research and study...

ETH city offers an outstanding environment during which to check, in an exceedingly town with the very best quality of life within the world: city

... and global connections ETH city is involved in numerous international cooperation comes with the foremost prestigious universities within the world. This means that it offers its students valuable opportunities to complete their education abroad.


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